Recent News

01/29/13: New PCRC Officers as follows:

Chairman: Vickie Arellanes, also nominated: Bill Diamond

First Vice-Chair: Ryan James, also nominated: Bill Diamond

Second Vice-Chair: Patrice Wolfe

Secretary: Bill Diamond, also nominated: Jane Ginn

Treasurer: John Parke, two others were nominated but declined

Election Commissioner: Phil Wyrick. also nominated: Bonnie Davis and Justin Harper.

06/27/12: PCRC distribute its first electronic newsletter in a long time.  Click HERE to view the newsletter.

 05/03/12: Delegates to the June 9, 2012 Special District Convention:

Vickie Arrellanes Michael Murphy
Brittany Clift Sandy Murphy
Clint Cook Matthew Pekar
Joshua Dennis David Peterson
William Diamond Cass Pierce
Joanne Douglas Nancy Puddephatt
Janice Ewersmann Alex Reed
Stephanie Ferrara David Scolli
Jane Friday Kyle Serrano
Lila Fulmer Monica Serrano
Matt Fulmer Debbie Standiford
John Gustavus Katherine Vasilos
Pam Gustavus Veronica Wirges
Justin Harper
Maria Hehnke
Paul Hehnke Alternates:
Andy Howington Jacob Brown
Kenneth Ryan James Karilyn Brown
Dugan King Robert Hayes
Chris Long Kenny Wallace

04/01/12: Ten JP positions have 1 or more republican candidates running for office.

01: JP Doug Reed (R)
02: Kevin Gorman (R)
03: Chris Stewart (R)
04: Gary Low (R)
05: Dante' Shelton (R)
11: JP Bob Johnson (R)* and Jim Stanley (R)
12: JP Jeff Rollins (R) and Karilyn Brown (R)*
13: JP Phil Stowers (R)
14: JP Paul Elliott (R)
15: JP Shane Stacks (R)

In addition to those running for JP, there are one or more candidates running for the two Constable positions.

Big Rock Constable (south of Arkansas River):
     Robin Doyle (R)
Hill Township Constable (north of Arkasas River):
     Constable Rick Scott (R)*
     Dennis Sobba (R)

* Winner of May 22, 2012 Primary

11/19/11: Cory Cox and Senator John Boozman at 2nd Congressional Republican District meeting.

Cory Cox & Senator John Boozman

11/03/11: Dan Greenberg, Advance Arkansas Institute, speaks before the committee.

Dan Greenberg

09/30/11: Game Night, elected officials answer Jeopardy style questions in a fund raiser for PCRC. Ed Garner, representing the Pulaski County Republican Women, was the winner.

Game Night

09/13/11: Tom Cotton speaks before the committee.

Tom Cotton

08/20/11: PCRC participates in 2nd Congressional District annual BBQ Cook-off at Bryant's Bishop Park

Several tables at lunch-PCRC members in red.
Several tables at lunch-PCRC members in red.

Some PCRC attendees
Some PCRC attendees

PCRC Pulaski Porkers grill team, Mark Barnes, chef & Mike Douglas, sous-chef.
PCRC Pulaski Porkers grill team, Mark Barnes, chef & Mike Douglas, sous-chef.

  • 08/04/11: PCRC sets up standing sub-committees with new chairs and new members

  • 07/21/11: Pulaski County Republican Committee (PCRC) elects Cory Cox as its new Chair.  
                         Cory Cox is a Staff Attorney for John Thurston, Commissioner of State Lands